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Thursday Thought- Seed to Seal Guarantee

Posted by Lisa Newhouse on Thursday, September 10, 2015 Under: Thursday Thoughts

Last Thursday, I talked about one of the reasons I chose to continue my support of Young Living after receiving my Premium Starter Kit as a gift. The biggest reason I currently am drawn to Young Living is their commitment to serving the communities in which they work, especially in their serving of the children in those communities through the Young Living Foundation. Today, I am going to tell you about another great feature of Young Living. 
Another reason I chose to continue with Young Living over other essential oil companies was their Seed to Seal Guarantee. This guarantee means that I will always get the purest and most therapeutic oils. With this promise, I also know that Young Living never adds chemicals to their plants at any point in the process from plant to essential oil. Young Living keeps this commitment by owning their own farms in the native country and climate of the plants. In some countries, the law prevents Young Living from purchasing land. In these countries, Young Living works with partner farms to teach them how to farm without chemicals and provide worthy plants. There are never any pesticides applied to the plants. Young Living farms are weeded by hand. You can go and visit the farms, but expect to be put to work weeding the fields. 
The plants are harvested carefully by hand and distiller using a steam distillation system. Most other companies use a chemical distillation process. This may be done with carbon dioxide or another gas. This may also be done with a liquid chemical solvent. Young Living uses the steam distillation process because it is the only process that does not leave chemicals behind in their essential oils. Once chemicals have been added to the distillation process they cannot be removed. By making a commitment to keep chemicals out of the process, Young Living does lose a slight level of production. Further lowering the amount of oil produced, Young Living only uses first distillation oils. This means that you will always get the most potent oils. Plants can be distilled more than three times and still put out some oils, however these are not nearly as potent. 
Finally, Young Living has their oils rigorously tested on site and by third party labs. If the oils come back as impure or not having the necessary chemical constituents to be therapeutic the entire batch is dismissed. This batch goes back to the fields to fertilize the plants. The oils that pass inspection are bottled and are distributed to consumers. 
Because of this commitment to purity and benefit, essential oil favorites occasionally are out of stock. This can be frustrating, but it reminds me that this company would never put out sub-par products. This dedication is another reason I chose to continue supporting Young Living. 

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