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Thursday Thought- Why support Young Living?

Posted by Lisa Newhouse on Monday, September 7, 2015 Under: Thursday Thoughts
There are a number of reasons to choose Young Living over other essential oil companies. The oils are pure as guaranteed by the Seed to Seal Guarantee (I will cover this in another post.) When you sign up with Young Living you receive an awesome support system. But there is one part of Young Living that has really inspired me. This is their Young Living Foundation (formerly the D. Gary Young Foundation). This foundation supports local charities and the communities in which Young Living operates.
This year at convention we learned more about how this foundation works. The foundation uses all of the money donated to go towards charities and projects. None of the money donated to the foundation goes to administrative costs.Administrative costs include salaries for those running the foundation, paperwork and management needs.  All administrative costs for running the foundation come from the Young Living company. 
Another reason that this foundation really inspires me is that it serves children primarily. There are two main projects that the foundation is currently supporting. The first project is the Young Living Academy in Ecuador. When Young Living first started farming in Ecuador, the children in the area had to walk for miles to go to a one room school. The children were not receiving the nutrition they needed. Their clothes were worn and tattered. The teaching at the school was subpar because of the number of needy children packed into one room. Young Living decided to build a school for the children. The Young Living Academy now feeds children three nutritious meals a day, provides quality uniforms, and provides applicable education for the children. Young Living is now working to build an addition onto the school to provide a fully functioning high school with a library, science lab, and teacher work rooms. In addition, Young Living is helping local farmers to build business skills in order that they are better able to support their children.
A second, more recent project, that the Young Living Foundation is working on is a partnership with the Maestral Orphanages in Croatia. These orphanages operate differently than your average orphanage because they place children in apartments with groups of other children and an adult staff member mimicking the environment of a healthy family home. The children in these orphanages feel hopeful for the future and are independent and confident.
These are projects that I can stand behind as children are a true passion of mine. I cannot wait until I qualify for the Gold retreat so that I can visit the children and school in Ecuador. I also cannot wait to join the Diamond leaders and visit these amazing orphanages! If you are looking for a company that gives back, Young Living definitely fits the description.

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