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Tuesday Tip- Healthy Snacks for Back to School

Posted by Lisa Newhouse on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 Under: Tuesday Tip
We are headed into fall and back to school. I'll be going back to school to teach Media for 1100 students in kindergarten through 5th grade. As a teacher, it makes me really sad when I see students that have a hard time concentrating because they are hungry or because the food they ate was too full of sugar. As a teacher, I know the importance of eating healthy snacks for my students and the importance of healthy snacks for ourselves as adults as well. When considering what types of snacks to plan, look at the nutrients that are in that snack. A snack filled with sugar is not a good option. Sugar provides a burst of energy for a short amount of time, but quickly wears off often resulting in a crash. It is better to have snacks with lots of protein. Protein will provide long term energy and keep you full to prevent tempting cravings. Other good nutrients to look for include fiber, which will help to keep you full and regular, and essential fatty acids, which support brain health and circulation. Below are a few ideas for good snacks.

  • Fresh fruits and Veggies- Fruits and vegetables are filled with fiber and many vitamins. Try adding a natural peanut butter or plain greek yogurt dip for extra protein.
  • Nuts and Seeds- Although this may not be allowed in some schools because of nut allergies, nuts and seed are great sources of protein, fiber, and good fats. Almonds are one of the best nuts. To make this an even more interesting snack, add dried fruits to create a healthy trail mix. I love adding papaya to support stomach health. Pineapple, cranberry, raisins, and mango are other great options. Avoid adding candies and candy chips.
  • Protein Bars- Protein bars can be a great energy provision! The protein and fiber included in a good protein bar will fill you up and energize you for a long time. Be careful when picking out protein bars to avoid bars with soy (acts as estrogen in your body!), extra sugar, and fillers. I recommend Slique Bars and Wolfberry Crisp Bars from Young Living or LaraBars, Kind Bars, and Epic Bars which you can find at most grocery stores.
  • Jerky- Any kind of jerky is flavorful protein. I love beef sticks and jerky strips. As with the protein bars, watch your jerky for fillers, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients. Great brands include Epic and Krave which are available in most grocery stores or on the Thrive Market.

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