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Tuesday Tip- KidScents Collection

Posted by Lisa Newhouse on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 Under: Tuesday Tip
Healthy snacks are important for school as I shared in my last Tuesday Tip. Another way to support your child as they head back to school is with the Young Living KidScents Collection. Essential Oils are potent and need to be diluted for children. Young Living is dedicated to providing the purest essential oils, so they are especially powerful. With this in mind, Young Living created a collection just for children. The oils in this collection are diluted with coconut oil for use with children. There are six oils in this collection and they come in a nice little carrying case. All oils but Bite Buster are also available for purchase on separate from the kit.

The six oils are:
GeneYus- This blend will be great for helping your little ones to focus on projects.
Bite Buster- Apply this blend topically to support healing from bites and stings.
TummyGize- Apply this blend to little tummies to support digestive health.
Owie- Apply this blend to skin to support healing after accidents.
SniffleEase- Use this blend to support your child's respiratory system. 
SleepyIze- Put a few drops of this oil on your child's pillow for a calming effect.

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